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Free Shipping On All UK Mainland Orders

Wizard Jeans Bonding Technology

The Perfect Fit

Who doesn’t love jeans? They’re a wardrobe staple for all women. Nothing else offers the versatility of being worn on the school run, a night out, a day at work and a weekend of lounging around the house. Of course everyone loves jeans. But sometimes it’s tough finding the perfect pair, isn’t it?

Not anymore. Sally Allen-Gerard had a ‘light-bulb’ moment - when she couldn’t find a pair of jeans in the whole of London, and decided instead to create her own collection - Wizard Jeans - with unique Body Shaping technology.

This fabulous technology, which holds in all the right places, is incorporated into a capsule collection of all the styles of jeans you’ll ever need. Whether you’re a lover of the boot cut for leg-lengthening, a smart straight-leg, an ankle-skimming skinny - or the best-selling diamante skinny - you won’t be disappointed with the perfect fit of Wizard Jeans.

If you’re put off by jeans designed for unrealistic shapes and sizes, fear not, Wizard Jeans have just the right pair for you.

Sally's top tips

Different leg styles suit different body shapes; curvier women look fab in boot cuts and wider legged jeans whilst petite ladies suit cropped or skinny styles.

Don’t be afraid of buying online; our website offers great rotating images so you can really see the full shape and style of the jean. We also have a user friendly size guide available to download, to ensure you’re getting the right jeans for you.

If you can’t choose between sizes, the smaller size tends to be the safer option as there is always a certain amount of give, and jeans should fit the body firmly. Of course, if the smaller size is too tight, don’t try and squeeze into them!

Glossary of Terms


The Wizard Jean styles with ‘pocket control’ all have special pockets made from high quality, strong fabric which are then stitched tightly either side of the leg inside the jean to maximise support to pull in and lift up the stomach.



All Wizard Jean styles with bonding benefit from special Wizard body-contouring technology.  The ‘Spanx’ like fabric is bonded on to the denim and goes from the waist down to and including the very top of the thighs – which lifts the bottom, lifts and holds in the stomach and gives a very flattering contour to the hips. It works a bit like an old fashioned ‘roll on girdle’ – but you don’t feel it because it is bonded on to the fabric and is extremely comfortable.

The Wizard Alexis jean is the only style to be bonded throughout so it ensures that you get the sleekest of looks and with no panty line!


Full Rise means that the jeans come up to and into the shape of the waist making the legs look elongated


Natural Rise means that the jeans come up to the navel and have been cut a little straighter at the top to help disguise muffin tops


The Mid-Rise is exactly what it says. The jeans sit on the hips just like ‘hipsters’
N.B. Please note that all Wizard Jeans are cut and styled to give the best silhouette and that they will not lose their shape if they should need to be shortened.