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Well so much depends on if it is a first date, occasional date, steady relationship that you want more commitment to, just getting over a row, with your current or long-term partner or a long comfortable relationship where not much is new and you are keen to rekindle that old elusive spark.

After you have worked how who you are going out to dinner or just drinks with – it then depends on where so that you can make sure you hit the right note? The pub, out for a pizza or somewhere really special.

There is only ever one alternative to ticking all the boxes for chic glamour that fits any and every occasion – and there are so many options to choose from...

It is of course, the Little Black Dress (LBD)

the perfect little black dress - audrey short

"Short or long, the LBD can take you anywhere"

Our 'Audrey Short' is the perfect LBD - Anytime, Anywhere.

The main thing is to get your accessorising right. As far as shoes go – depending on the look you are trying to create you can go from flip flops, sandals, boots to strappy evening killer heels.


Then of course, there is the jewellery and this can range from inexpensive, brightly coloured plastic beads for a BoHo look to chunky statement pieces to glitz and glamour.

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