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Captain Tom Moore

It was a novelty at first but now the strain is beginning to tell – and maybe we are coming to the end of all the jobs we always should have done but never had the time!

Like me, you are no doubt, all incredibly humbled and inspired by the walking of Captain Tom Moore (hopefully soon to be ‘Sir’ Captain Tom Moore) and we are all probably feeling somewhat guilty and useless that we haven’t done what he has at 100 years of age. The NHS doctors, nurses and support teams of workers – well there are not enough words to describe how grateful we are to all of them and their tireless and courageous fight against the virus.

So, what can we do to help?

Well, obviously donate money to the NHS or find ways to raise funds.

One of the ways that we can maybe do this, is to off load unworn and/or unwanted clothes. I have been a compulsive buyer of fashion since I was given my first pocket money and then, after years or having a marketing and PR agency, landed up in the fashion world – so I am now surrounded by even more clothes on a daily basis. I am also guilty, like many others I suspect, of keeping clothes because ‘one day I will be able to fit into my favourite pairs of jeans/dress (whatever) again’. I will confess that I have jeans that I haven’t worn for 40 years - plus some rather fabulous designer suits, which are somewhat too small around the waist!! Now maybe you have the time and inspiration to offload these types of gems and raise money either by directly giving to your chosen cause, or indirectly by selling your stuff and then making a donation. Vintage jeans, dresses, etc should go well as ‘vintage’ is a bit of a fashion buzz word at the moment.

I spent years buying designer clothes in the days when I was lucky enough to have the cash to do so. However, now that I am in the fashion industry, that has all changed. I now know what it costs for the luxury brands to produce their garments and have seen them come out of the same factories producing mass production for the high streets around the world as well. It is the label that counts. I am not blaming the industry at all as it takes years and years to build a luxury brand and that takes a load of cash. Some of the main luxury brands have kept their standards and quality very high with fabulous fabrics, cut and flair – others not so much. This is why I have focussed on affordable, easy fashion with a good cut.

"We all want to look glamorous but the quicker and easier it is the better"

Part of the reason I like ‘easy fashion’ is because I am rather lazy and if I have to take my clothes to the dry cleaners I rather lose interest – I like to be able to stick everything in the washing machine - ideally followed swiftly by the tumble drier so that there is no ironing.

Hence our latest range of Anytime Dressing – dresses in One Size, 2 lengths and 3 colourways with interchangeable shrugs. They have 2 large pockets for all your gadgets – so are immensely practical and of course they go in the washing machine, which is just as well because my short versions are used for dog walking, gardening and sunbathing.

I used to wear them for lunch with my friends but as we all know – we can’t do that at the moment!

The maxi version is also great for sitting in the garden – and in happier times, perfect for cruises and even going to a ball.

Anytime Paloma Maxi DressAnytime Shrug - PalomaAnytime Dress and Shrug - Audrey


I think that so much is going to change once we are allowed back into the outside world. Certainly, I would hope that we will be more appreciative of everything – our friends, our health, our family, our environment – and meeting up will be a massive treat to be savoured.

Personally, I can’t wait to give all my friends a massive cuddle.

Sally x