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Free Shipping On All UK Mainland Orders over £55


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get really fed-up and even angry about being overlooked. 

I do feel that fashion retailers in general have forgotten about the over 50s, 60s, 70s and Yes the 80s too. Why shouldn’t everyone have the same opportunity to look glamorous in colourful flattering clothes. We may all be looking for a bit more comfort but we do all still crave a little glamour and style.

I think people forget, particularly the very young fashion buyers for the multi nationals, that we were also young once and actually, other than a certain nod to gravity, we mostly feel the same as we did then.

Sadly, I don’t think that there is much style around currently and I am certainly glad that I was young in the 70s and 80s when I think fashion was more exciting than it is now. Going into any of the multi-nationals they clearly all think that once over a certain age that we might all be drawn to the colour mulberry – which is one of the most depressing colours on the planet in my view! Even my granny didn’t go in for the clothes that are on sale in most of the high street stores these days.

I don’t know a woman – and my friends can’t be so different to others around the world – who doesn’t still love a pair of well cut, flattering jeans. I have even seen Joan Collins quoted on her wardrobe essentials including a stylish pair of jeans, classic white shirt and an elegant blazer – and she is in her 80s and still has oodles of style and glamour.

"I think we should celebrate ourselves no matter what age we are"

Certainly, we like clothing the ‘drape’ a little more to hide any lumps or bumps, but this can be done with style. I have a passion about trying to create clothing that helps disguise the ‘SUN’ areas of a women’s body – stomach, upper arms and neck. These are the three areas that normally suffer the most in the ageing process, but it doesn’t mean that we have to dress like a little old lady - even if we are one.

I strongly believe that we should dress for our shape and not our age – so if you still have a good pair of legs – show them! Concentrate of showing off your good points and disguising the other bits that you are not so keen on.

I know that black is super flattering, and no woman should ever be without an LBD (little black dress) preferably in all the lengths short, calf length and maxi – but after that it is a good idea to have some fun with what you wear – enter some vibrant colours!

Apart from lifting your spirits, colour can also make you look younger. I receive a number of phone calls from customers saying that they don’t have the confidence to wear certain colours or certain styles because of their age. Mostly when they reveal their age to me, I find out that they are younger than I am! It is so sad that they have had their confidence stripped from them. It is so wrong, because you should be able to enjoy everything in life for as long as you can.

This brings me on to the tricky subject of SEX – and an older woman looking stylishly sexy is a good thing. Feeling good about yourself is the key to happiness and so it is important to look good right up until the day you kick your clogs if you possibly can.

Life has changed so much in recent years and most of my female friends - No – actually all of my female friends, ‘lunch’ on a major scale. There are no men present, but they all make a big effort to look fabulous for their girlfriends – nails, hair, clothes, the whole nine yards, even if it is only meeting in a pub. It is making the most of yourself and that all comes down to self-respect.

There are also so many ‘singles’ these days. Men and women who have chosen to, or ended up living a single life but still keen to meet up, socialise, have a drink, go out to dinner whatever it is – all take a pride in their appearance – and the number is growing exponentially. The grey market is massive and yet not catered for by the fashion industry – and that goes for me too. A lot of men over a certain age seem to settle on safe beige as the best option, which is rather a shame.

So basically, I think we should celebrate ourselves no matter what age we are. Take it slowly and gently to start with if you are nervous and just introduce one piece of new clothing at a time, but gradually you will gain in confidence and maybe opt for bolder colours and designs. The one benefit of getting older is that you should hopefully have thrown off the inhibitions of youth and not be quite so concerned about how you are perceived and be able to say and think what you like. Work towards it if you are not quite there yet.

Here is an example of timeless fashion. Easy to wear, classic, chic and glamorous.

Then if you want to walk the dog, do some gardening, go to lunch, to the beach or on holiday – why not try our Anytime Collection which includes some vibrant colour as well as safe and chic black.

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