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Mostly I stick to the wonderful and insightful words of the legendary Coco Chanel “you can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life”. This mantra added to one of her other great quotes “a girl should be two things – classy and fabulous”.

I can hear you say 'easier said than done!', and yes it is, but you can go part way to achieving this goal by following some of the lessons I have learned as I have become older.

Don’t dress for your age, dress for your figure

If you still have great legs into your 80's you can still get away with a shorter skirt. Everything is always about dimensions, so obviously a short skirt on an older person if they are very tall could look out of proportion; but remember it does on a 20 year old too. So don’t beat yourself up about it.

It really comes down to common sense and being honest with yourself when you look in the mirror and don’t forget to check the back view too! Sadly most people either forget or don’t bother to do this, but you do so at your peril. Try to position a mirror somewhere in your house so that you can check that vital viewpoint.

The main problems with ageing for a woman are her stomach (menopause), upper arms (gravity) and neck (gravity). SUN in fact. So focus and take heart because if you are careful in disguising these three areas it will certainly help you feel more confident.

I also strongly believe that you are better buying clothes that skim the body, as there is nothing worse than exposing lumps and bumps which can otherwise be disguised. It is better to buy a size bigger and cut the size label out if you feel bad about it – but you will look better than trying to squeeze into something that is even slightly too tight. Skimming the body is flattering – so it then comes down to fabric, cut and fit.

We have a page on our website that explains which style/cut of jean to go for.


" title="womens silver grey knitted poncho">ruffle polo neck sweater and ponchoOur Ruffle Polo Neck Sweaters are perfect for covering the neck in a pretty way and because the sweaters are very fine knit they are ideal as a wardrobe staple for layering. They are ideal to wear with our one size Ponchos and our best-selling Chanel inspired jackets.

However, you obviously can’t wear a polo neck sweater in the summer, no matter how lightweight they are – so a well-positioned silk or chiffon scarf are a useful alternative or if you have a long neck some lovely chunky jewellery. 

Other great staples for any wardrobe are our new Anytime dresses and shrugs, which also come in one size. These are ideal for gardening, lunching, cruising and evening wear – it is just up to you to accessorise them. Importantly you also have the option of the interchangeable shrugs which cover up the upper arms and add another element of effortless style. These dresses will fit from a UK size 10 to 18 with the precise objective of skimming the body.

anytime dress and shrug
A dress skimming the body is so much more flattering than wearing an outfit that is too tight , or even just fitted. You can also see the benefits of the optional shrug to cover your upper arms too. This is truly a great Anytime Dress


I do anything rather than bring emphasis to my waist – and my advice to you is to do the same. I have an extra bulge too from a botched gall bladder operation so I always think that I look pregnant – but because of the way I dress – disguising the bad bits – nobody notices. Until now of course as I have told you my secrets!

I have seen so many people emphasise the benefits of wrap dresses for all size ranges and particularly those getting older. AWFUL – and many apologies to DVF – but you very rarely see anyone in them that doesn’t look like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle. Far better to wear a chic A line dress. Less is always more in fashion.

"The cleaner the line the more flattering the look and the more confident you will be – and looking good is always about confidence."

When trying on a new outfit – ask yourself ‘Do I feel good in this?’ Clothes that you feel good in can make you walk differently because of the confidence they can give you. Equally if an item of clothing doesn’t fit well and exposes the ‘SUN’ problems, your confidence tends to dilute extremely rapidly.

10 Wardrobe Must-Have Items For Women Over 50

I recently read a blog for 10 wardrobe must-have items for women over 50 – Tank Tops a size smaller than you need are a must apparently! I would like to see anyone who is over a UK size 8 (presumably wearing a size 6) and see what they look like in it. Even if I was wearing it to try to smooth out my bits underneath – the vision of me in the tank top before putting a layering item over the top would stay with me all day. Plus I always imagine the horror of what I would look like if I was carted off to hospital and had to undress in front of someone. "DISASTER DARLING" at best!

My best advice to you is be honest with yourself
Happy Shopping

Sally xx